Winter Car Care

  • Fluids: Don’t forget to change your fluids. As you drive your car your fluids are constantly breaking down as they do their job of protecting your engine and transmission parts. Fluids that are past their useful life are not protecting as well. Wintertime is an especially tough time on engines as fluids become more viscous as the temperatures drop causing more wear during startup. Protect your engine parts and change your fluids on schedule.
  • Wipers: Wiper blades are often overlooked until you’re in the middle of an ice storm and you can only see the road out of half of your windsheild! Wiper blades usually last about one year, newer beam style wiper blades such as our RainX Wiper Blades give complete even wiping. Don’t get caught in a storm without fresh blades!
  • Batteries: Cold temperatures drain batteries quickly. Batteries are usually good for about 4-5 years, if you suspect that your battery may need to be changed, most autoparts stores will test-load your battery for a nominal fee, and often times they will do it for free.
  • Tire Pressure: Check your tire pressure. Tires lose about 1lb of pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature. Not only does this reduce your tires ability to “bite” through snow and ice, it also reduces gas mileage.
  • Car Washes: Wash your car regularly! The salt and deicing chemicals that are used to keep the roads safe also wreak havoc on your cars finish and undercarriage parts. Our Super and Ultimate exterior carwashes provide protection for your cars paint and clearcoat finishes, and also have an undercarriage rinse to wash off the salt and grime that builds up. The Ultimate wash comes with RainX Complete Protectant, which can reduce adhesion of snow and ice on your vehicle.